Trip Partners

Need a hiking partner?

This page is intended to get local hikers connected and out there. It is a bit rudimentary but hopefully will work to connect people who are looking for adventure partners.

Post an ad in the box below. Be sure to post your contact info, when you are available and which hike you are looking to do.


8 thoughts on “Trip Partners

  1. have never been to keystone standard basin, but am thinking of doing as an exploratory day-hike > perhaps sometime in the last week of July – anyone interested?

    1. Hi Mark! Yes, I’ve wanted to get up there too but have never made it. My job situation is unclear at the moment but if I’m keen to go if possible. I’m 46 and relatively fit. I have a Ford Escape which has good clearance but is only front wheel drive. I’ve been up to the Sale Mtn power station with it a few times with no problem. Text me 837-4699 Stephanie

  2. Hey!
    Quebecois here, working in town for the summer. I’m looking for a hiking/camping partner. I’m an experienced hiker and I want to discover the many great sights around Revelstoke. I have a Subaru, good backpacking/camping gear, and good cheer!

  3. Hello all! Driving up from Oregon Saturday, Tomorrow July 25th. Coming to Revelstoke to hike, camp and check out the mountain for about a week. Interested in meeting some like minded friends for outdoor adventures. Thank Toby

  4. Looking for partners that have alpine/mountaineering experience as I am still beginner/intermediate ability. I have taken courses over the last couple of years but need to utilize the skills learned. If you don’t use it you lose it. My schedule is all over place but if timing is right I’m keen on getting out.

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