Gorge Creek Falls Trail

Rating: 3 stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 1.7 km.

Description: A surprisingly nice little trail. The trail features a loop circuit up the east side and down the west side of Gorge Creek. The trail takes in three distinct waterfalls. Combine this trail with a history lesson on the Canadian Pacific Railway! This is where the famous last spike was driven in to complete the our national railway in 1885.

Directions: Head west on the Trans Canada to Craigellachie. Pull into the tourist parking lot. You will see two buildings. The first is the washrooms, the second is the giftshop. Just past the first building follow the paved path on the right uphill toward the highway. At the top of the paved path is a sign describing the trail. Cross the highway directly across from this sign to pick up the trailhead. Be extremely careful crossing the highway here, the oncoming traffic from the west is hidden. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Gorge Creek Falls Trailhead: N50 58.487 W118 43.480

Useful Maps:

Gorge Creek Falls Trail BaseCamp

Fir Falls. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Cedar Falls. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Hemlock Falls. Ben Wilkey Collection.

8 thoughts on “Gorge Creek Falls Trail

  1. I hiked this trail yesterday may 22 2014 and it’s in horrible condition due to hundreds of down trees. The trees are covering so much of the trail and the river that it’s very hard to get around as well as view the river. Also the lower bridge is destroyed so it’s impossible to complete the loop. What a bummer, it’s going to take a lot of work and time to fix the little gem of a hike.

    1. I have been going to Gorge Cr often when on work in Salmon Arm. Last year there was a huge wind event that annihilated most of both sides of the trail. I told the guys at the Rapattack Base and they had a crew out to clean it up a couple days later. I was there this Spring and the trail is in great shape both sides except for the first bridge. There is a large tree to walk across if you are brave, otherwise it is nice to walk both ways! I found a cool bouldering problem just above the upper falls.

  2. Just like someone said this is a forgotten gem! Some trees down, but not many. One day with a power saw would take care of windfall. The lower bridge is now firewood but the west side trial takes you to the highway without crossing the creek

    Great day on a well constructed trail looking for volunteers to adopt this gem and bring this back to former glory.

  3. Note this trail is currently closed due to bridge and pathway damage. Check status before proceeding.

  4. Hiked this trail today. Officially it is closed due to bridge damage however we hiked it anyway and were surprised with how good condition it is in. The first bridge doesn’t exist anymore but you are able to visit all three falls and cross the second bridge. A few fallen trees on the trail but very easy to hop over. Definitely worth the trip!

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