English Boulders Climbers Trail

Rating: 3 stars. (not for the trail but the scenic beauty of the spot)

Use: Bouldering area, hiking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 500 m.

Description: A recently developed spot for the bouldering crowd in Revelstoke. If you just want to get out of the house and have a short walk in the woods this is a pretty cool spot. The huge moss covered boulders amazing to see even if you aren’t much of a climber. Please stay on the established trails. It wouldn’t take much to totally trash this place and kill the moss. Be respectful. 

Directions: Drive west on Highway 1. Just before the Three Valley Gap Resort hand a left onto the Three Valley – Victor FSR. Follow this road past a couple of forks. Take the left fork onto Branch 100. This road will lead you into the English Creek drainage. Park at the newly rebuilt bridge that crosses the Creek. Look for the trail on the west/downstream side of the bridge.  

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. Three Valley – Victor FSR: N50 56.202 W118 25.939
  2. Branch 100 Road: N50 56.496 W118 24.344
  3. English Bridge: N50 56.693 W118 23.191

Useful Maps: 

English Boulders Climbers Trail Garmin BaseCamp overview map PDF

Selwyn Wilkey explores the English Boulders. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Beautiful Cedar/Hemlock stand of trees with a moss covered forest floor makes this a very cool walk. Ben Wilkey Collection.
One of the first Boulders you come to. A perfect Splitter. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Selwyn explores a rock tunnel. English Boulders. Ben Wilkey Collection.
English Boulders. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Another really cool Boulder. This one nearly 25 feet tall. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The beautiful English Creek that runs through the boulders. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Exploring the boulder caves. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Caitlin Burns scrambles around the English Boulders. Ben Wilkey Collection.

2 thoughts on “English Boulders Climbers Trail

  1. Thank you SO much for allowing us to discover this amazing mossy world! We’re a hiking family of 5 (youngest is 8) and we all loved it. One of our favorite trail ever. It’s relatively short but you can spend a lot of time exploring the boulders and the creek. September 2 2017 the road was in good condition but you do need a SUV or pickup with some minimal ground clearance. There are troughs across the road in several places.

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