Mount Macpherson to Mount Begbie Traverse







Trailhead GPS:

Useful Maps:


3 thoughts on “Mount Macpherson to Mount Begbie Traverse

  1. Does anyone have any information on this traverse?
    I am looking to do it this summer, I have hiked been up Mt Macpherson and Mt Begbie so scoped it out from a vantage point on each side and looked on google earth but seems like there might be a couple different options, to drop down into the valley and back up or try and stay high around the back.
    Any information would be hugely appreciated, cheers

    1. Hi Daniel

      I don’t have any specifics but i have scoped it as well from both vantages. The back road map atlas has a rough route in it if you haven’t seen that yet. When were you thinking of trying it?

    2. Daniel,
      Are you thinking of the traverse that goes over the summit of Tilley and on to Begbie? I have not done the full traverse but have been to the base of Tilley several times. As it so happens Craig and I are headed up there at the start of next week. Our goal is to establish and define the trail down to the south from the “saddle ” of McPherson and towards Tilley. If all goes well we will be in there for several days. This is on the route that stays well above and east of English Lake and will aim for the tarn at the base of Tilley.
      If you do get in there please post your findings.
      It is a very worthy area.

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