Rocky Creek Trail

Rating: ? Stars.

Use: ATV, Biking, Hiking.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: Approximately 5 km  return to the Cabin from the end of the Rocky Creek Road. 

Description: This is more of a service trail to the newly constructed Eagle Pass Snowmobile Cabin. Regardless it might prove to be a cool ride on the bike. Let me know if you have tried it. As well this access provides an alternate route over to Twin Lakes making a nice Traverse.

Directions: Head west on Highway 1. Just before the Skyline gas station hang a right onto the Avoca Road East and follow this for 14 km. Turn onto the Rocky Creek Road and follow this for a further 12 km until you reach the end of the road. From here it is 2.6 km to the new snowmobile cabin. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Avoca Rd E: N51 00 07.5 W118 40 32.8
  2. Rocky Cr Rd: N51 06 15.2 W118 40 11.6
  3. Rocky Cr TH: N51 05 32.0 W118 34 50.0
  4. Eagle Cabin: N51 05 14.0 W118 33 11.0

Useful Maps: 

Rocky Creek Trail Overview Map PDF

Rocky Creek Trail Detail Map PDF

Rocky Creek Trail KML file on Dropbox

2 thoughts on “Rocky Creek Trail

  1. Hiked this trail last summer, it follows the snowmobile trail to the EP chalet. Road turns to bush trail an gets very rough. Almost made it to the gas drop in small 4×4. From there the trail is very brushy, hope you wore pants! Not bikeable. You follow the corridor of stumps made for the groomer to pass through. On way up, you can get a view of Hidden Lake, if you know where to look. Alpine doesn’t start until the cabin. From there , many small lakes available and can hike over the ridge into Piper lake and down to Twin Lakes.
    From vehicle to the snowmobile cabin took an hour and a half.

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