Mount Mabel Two Moon Lake Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: ATV, Biking, Hiking.

Difficulty: Difficult.

Distance: 20 km return to Two Moon Lake.

Description: Primarily used as an ATV trail but as far as I can tell it would make an excellent biking trial. If you have done it let me know. 

Directions: Head west on Highway 1. Hang a left onto the Three Valley-Mabel Lake FSR and follow that all the way to Mabel Lake FSR. Follow this until you get to the Derry Creek Road. From here it looks as though you can head up the Derry Creek Road or continue along the Mabel Iron Road and head up from there. If you are in a 4X4 I would try the Mabel Iron Road. The Derry Road looks as though it could be a little more grown in. Best to plug in the coordinates or download the .kml file to put in your GPS. From the top you can for sure make it to Two Moon Lake, possibly further all the way to Joss Mountain. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Trailhead GPS:

  1. 3Val-Mabel FSR: N50 55 54.3 W118 28 54.9
  2. Mabel Lk FSR: N50 48 17.5 W118 34 10.3
  3. Derry Cr Rd: N50 46 04.6 W118 33 57.4
  4. Mabel Iron Rd: N50 45 05.9 W118 34 17.7
  5. Mount Mabel TH: N50 42 56.2 W118 31 09.9
  6. Two Moon Lk: N50 46 33.0 W118 26 24.4

Useful Maps: Backroads Mapbook

Mount Mabel Two Moon Lake Trail Overview Map PDF

Mount Mabel Two Moon Lake Trail Detail Map PDF

Mount Mabel Two Moon Lake Trail KML file on Dropbox

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