Joss Pass Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: Biking, Hiking.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 9.2 km one way through the pass.

Description: This old trail goes the entire length of Joss Pass through to Greenbush Lake. It starts at the Joss Mountain east approach trailhead. At about 1.4 km you will see a fork. The left hand trail leads through Joss Pass, the right hand trail leads to the summit of Joss Mountain. Stay to the left. The trail is overgrown, but it seems to me it would be an excellent trail to try on a mountain bike. There has been some recent logging above Greenbush Lake in the past couple of years and is likely some of the roads may have changed so I am unsure exactly where the trail ends. It likely ends at the Shuswap Bridge due to heavy alder however it might be doable to the trailhead further to the south near Greenbush Lake. If you have done the trail recently let me know. 

Directions: Drive east along the Trans Canada Highway. Just past Three Valley Gap, look for the Wap FSR. Reset the odometer at the start of the Wap FSR. Turn left off the Wap FSR at 4.7 km. Stay on this until you reach the Joss Pass north trailhead (which is the same as the Joss Mountain east approach trailhead).

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Wap FSR: N50 55.906 W118 28.916
  2. Joss Pass turn off Wap FSR: N50 53.677 W118 29.242
  3. Joss Pass north trailhead: N50 50.354 W118 24.829
  4. Joss Mountain and Joss Pass junction: N50 49.655 W118 24.581
  5. Shuswap Creek Bridge: N50 48.776 W118 23.378
  6. Joss Pass south trailhead: N50 46.868 W118 22.658

Useful Maps: Backroads Mapbook.

Joss Mountain and Joss Pass Guide PDF (by Robert Nash)

Joss Pass Trail Overview Map PDF

Joss Pass Trail Detail Map PDF

Joss Pass Trail KML file on Dropbox

5 thoughts on “Joss Pass Trail

  1. Has anyone tried this trail? I’ve been up to Joss a few times, but I’ve never noticed a trail leading to Joss Pass. It may just be that it’s so overgrown you can’t see it anymore.

    1. We tried it just yesterday, the pass trail (left at the fork) was there but faint, very overgrown and flooded. So! Bushwhacking along the route of the trail it was. If a trail maintenance team wants to hit it in the fall I’d be in.

  2. I finally went to check out this trail on the weekend. The start off the Joss Mountain trail was obvious, but after a 100 metres or so it starts to fade in an out and became a bushwack through stinging nettle (wear long pants). At times the trail became more obvious, and it was dry enough that I could walk through creek beds. I got as far as the old growth forest on other side, where the trail was more defined, flagged and easy to follow. My main reason for checking it out was to see if it could be incorporated into a bikepacking loop around the Gold Range, using the FSR from Cherryville to Greenbush, then the trail over to Joss.

  3. Attempted the Pass hike this weekend and made our way to Greenbush lake. The trail junction at the East approach is hard to find, but there are some fallen markers and ribbons along the way. Access to Greenbush is an old overgrown logging trail with much bushwacking, so pants are required. Well worth the trip and a great sense of accomplishment! We camped at the south end of the lake, as the Rec Site was full because of the long weekend

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