Eagle Pass Mountain Trail

Rating: 4 stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 7 km return to the summit.

Description: A great day outing. Recent work done to the trailhead access makes this a worthwhile effort. Trail starts at 5000 ft, crosses two beautiful alpine bowls, then ascends to the summit of Eagle Pass Mountain at 7500 ft. Once on the summit you will see the foundation of the old fire lookout. Alternatively you can take a left at the fork and head to Twin Lakes. 

Directions: Follow Hwy 1 west of Revelstoke to the Crazy Creek FSR. Drive for 8.5 km on the Crazy Creek FSR until you reach a Y. The Y is well signed for Twin Lakes and Eagle Pass Mountain. Take the left. Follow this road for another 5 km climbing to the trailhead. Eagle Pass Mountain and Twin Lakes Trails share the same trailhead.

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. Crazy Creek FSR: N51 00.177 W118 40.014
  2. Eagle Pass Mountain Trailhead: N51 03.038 W118 33.782
  3. Twin Lakes Fork: N51 03.399 W118 33.294

Useful Maps:

Eagle Pass Mountain Trail Overview Map PDF

Eagle Pass Mountain Trail Detail Map PDF

Eagle Pass Mountain Trail KML file on Dropbox

Eagle Pass Mountain Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Rock slabs enroute Eagle Pass Mountain. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Eagle Pass Mountain Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Unclimbed?? south face slabs of Eagle Pass Mountain. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Eagle Pass Mountain. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Final trail section. Eagle Pass Mountain. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Just below the summit. Eagle Pass Mountain. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Foundation walls from old fire lookout atop Eagle Pass Mountain. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Descending off Eagle Pass Mountain. Ben Wilkey Collection.

26 thoughts on “Eagle Pass Mountain Trail

  1. Hi Scott here my friend Alli and i hiked Eagle mt today July 13. I was great, rd in great condition no problem for Subi. Left Revi at 630 and we were on the summit by 945 and the views were outstanding. get out there and do it

  2. June 8th 2014, once you hit the 8.5k fork and turn left, there are many trees down on the road. Bring a chainsaw!

  3. Canada day hiked Eagle Pass mt again, I brought along my chainsaw but no need all the trees have been cleared and the road is good to the trail head. Glad i choose to bring the ice axe as there was still at least a meter of snow in the bowl which made for a fun and fast accent.

  4. July 26th 2017…7am, We attempted to hike Eagle Pass Mountain, but were stopped in our tracks by 2 large recent blow downs on the road, which were about 4 kms from the top of the trail access point. Should have brought a saw….but that still would have been a major task.

    1. Bob. Thanks for the update on Eagle Pass Mountain. Yes Revelstoke had a pretty major windstorm in town last week. I am assuming most access roads will have some blowdown. Always a good idea to bring a chainsaw!

  5. Aug.20, 2014 – Hiked to the summit – road and trail are both in excellent shape. All fallen trees have been removed. Great hike!

      1. Kristy. There is probably over 2 meters of snow sitting on this trail. Despite the current good avalanche stability out there right now, you would still need to cross several avalanche paths. Getting to the trailhead would also be quite an epic without a snowmobile. I’m afraid this won’t be in condition until mid June at the earliest.

  6. any idea what condition the hike may be in for May long weekend? snow pack seems like it has been below average this year, wondering whether it might be doable?

  7. Wowee! What a day. Made it to the summit of Eagle Pass this morning, but boy was it an adventure. The forestry road is in pretty decent shape, but there are some soft/steep/rocky parts that gave the subaru a bit of trouble. I cleared some blowdown which means the entire road is driveable now. Navigating the forestry road isn’t too tough, but up at the end (around 10km, after the signposted Y) you’ll run into another Y that looks like it leads to two dead ends. You want the road to the left, and once you get up into the clearing look back left and uphill and you’ll see the doubletrack AWD trail. Another 4km on steep rocky trail brings you to the trailhead.

    The trail itself is in excellent condition. The top half is covered in snow, so bring your ice cleats, poles, gaiters, waterproof boots, etc… Navigating the snowfield does require a fair bit of route finding, and there is one hidden stream in the middle of the bowl that you’ll need to cross without falling through. If that sounds beyond your comfort level then give the trail another month to melt out. But, for those who are comfortable with snowfields, the snow was in excellent condition. Nice hard-packed snow, no post-holing, very low avalanche danger, etc… The last 1/2 km before the summit is a super fun but fairly exposed, and there are some big overhanging cornices that you can’t see from the approach, so be mindful. Again, another month of warm weather will make this trail safer for those with a lower snow-comfort level.

    Very highly recommend this scramble!

  8. Debating this hike this weekend. Anybody been up this last week. Hoping the snow is gone but seems early yet

  9. Hiked up Eagle Pass Mtn today with my two boys (11 and 7). The trail is in good condition with only a short wet section as you reach treeline. There is active logging at 19km up the main road so expect logging trucks on the main road. I thought the water bars were a little tricky to navigate but someone made it up to the trailhead in a honda civic. Great views and beautiful flowers.

  10. Loved this trail, but a 4×4 with good clearance is a must!
    We tried taking a VW Golf to the trailhead… For the first 10 km the forestry road is nicely maintained and no problem for our car. But after the turn to the trailhead at approx 9 km from TCH we decided to park and walk the last 5 km, as our car couldn’t clear the water runoff bars. It was a busy weekend morning so it didn’t take long for some awesome folks to offer us a lift the rest of the way.
    Coincidentally, another VW Golf made it up to the trailhead ahead of us, but tore open its oil pan on the way back down and will have a hefty tow and repair bill at the end of the day.

  11. Repeating the last couple posts but the new waterbars (from logging within the past year) certainly make the drive up more challenging. Our Outback made it (barely) but it was an alot more exciting drive than in previous years. I second the recommendation for high clearance 4×4.

  12. The girlfriend and I completed the hike up to the fire lookout today. We ran into snow just before breaking above the tree line into the bowl. There was a lot of guesswork when we were navigating to the peak as it was our first time up there, but we made it and the views are incredible. Twin Lakes are still frozen over but I’d say a couple more weeks and everything should be cleared up pretty good.

  13. Hiked the pass July 14, 2016. Logging road in great shape until the final turnoff. Some culverts have been removed so there are several big dips along the way but managed to get through with the Outback no problem. Trail in good shape if not a bit wet and boggy, pretty much snow free.

    The KML file link gives a 404 error.

  14. July 14, 2017 Incredible views. Road was in good shape. SUV struggled going up on the last two culverts but made it and going down, I had no issues. Thanks for the heads up on this hike. Truly Amazing.

  15. Myself, 64 and my daughter 16, went up today Sunday August 27, 2017. We found a work crew there installing windows, a wood stove and benches, beds into the old tower which is now a nice cabin. Looks like it will be a good place to spend the night for someone.

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