Echo Lake Trail

Rating: 2 stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 1.3 km.

Description: There is a short trail that leads around the lake and provides several interesting viewpoints. A great little adventure with the kids. Echo Lake Recreation Site also has a great camp site. Early season and late season would be best. The bugs can get a bit much in peak summer season. 

Directions: Follow Airport Way Road South past the airport. Continue past the end of the pavement. Turn left onto the Akolkolex FSR.  Just past Drimmie Creek go up the switchback hill. When the road flattens out watch for the Echo Lake signage on the right. The Echo Lake turnoff is 5.0 km from the start of the Akolkolex FSR.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Akolkolex FSR: N50 52.725 W118 05.857
  2. Echo Lake: N50 51.420 W118 03.858

Useful Maps:

Echo Lake Trail BaseCamp PDF

Echo Lake Rec Site PDF

Echo Lake. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Echo Lake. Parking and Picnic Tables. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Echo Lake Campsite Point. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Echo Lake Campsite Point. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The Wilkey boys enjoying the Echo Lake viewpoint. Ben Wilkey Collection.

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