Mount Sproat Hiking Trail

Rating: 4 stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: Approximately 5.2 km return to the lookout. 11.6 km return to the summit. 

Description: There are two ways to get to the Sproat Mountain Lookout. One is to take the ATV trail. The other is to take the hiking trail. This is the description for the hiking trail. If it weren’t for the long drive to get to the trailhead, this would certainly be a more popular trail. The firefighting crews used to maintain this trail on a regular basis. I am not sure as to the status of the trail these days. It is likely there may be some blowdown on the trail. Regardless, it would be worthy of a look. The lookout was actively used by the Forest Service about fifteen years ago. About ten years ago it was turned over to the ATV club to maintain. I personally flew most of the historically valuable artifacts down from the lookout when it was decommissioned. These contents were turned over to the Revelstoke Forestry Museum. 

Directions: Follow Airport Way Road south past the airport. Continue past the end of the pavement. Turn left onto the Akolkolex FSR. 7.2 km from the start of the Akolkolex FSR you will come to a Y in the road. Turn right onto the ‘Hard’ way or keep on the Akolkolex FSR and take the ‘Long’ way. I wouldn’t suggest taking the Hard way unless you have a 4X4. Cross the Akolkolex River bridge and stay left. 4.7 kilometres from the bridge you will come to a Y. Stay Right. Turning left would take you to McCrae. From here it is still a long ways to the trailhead. Stay on the main road until just before the trailhead you will see another Y. Go left for the hiking trailhead, right for the ATV trailhead. They are only about a half a kilometre apart.   

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Akolkolex FSR: N50 52.725 W118 05.857
  2. Hardway Y: N50 50.439 W118 02.824
  3. Akolkolex Bridge: N50 49.731 W118 01.862
  4. Sproat Mountain Hike Trailhead: N50 42.974 W117 55.048
  5. Sproat Mountain ATV Trailhead: N50 42.765 W117 55.045

Useful Maps:

MOF Sproat Mountain Trail Description PDF

Mount Sproat Hiking Trail Overview Map PDF

Mount Sproat Hiking Trail Detail Map PDF

Mount Sproat Hiking Trail KML file on Dropbox

15 thoughts on “Mount Sproat Hiking Trail

  1. Hiking trail is in good condition, hardly any blowdown. Start of the trail is signed and above the rock gulley the trail is flagged. I parked at the ATV trailhead – there isn’t really a parking spot at the hiking trailhead. If you have time the hike to the true summit of Mount Sproat is worthwhile (about 3.5 km from the lookout). Get up there while you can – if they deactivate the road as planned (end 2015?) this trail will become inaccessible 😦

  2. Hiked this trail yesterday (2016-07-11). The FSR road in was in great condition and well signed (approx. 40km on the Akolkolex FSR). We had a bit of confusion near the end of the road. Near the end there was a sign saying the ATV trail was going to open July 15th which we drove past and arrived at what looks like the end of the road. On our right there was a defined ATV trail and we assumed the hiking trail was changed into another ATV trail so we hiked that. However, it turns out that the road keeps going for another 100m or so to the actual trail head (a wood sign marks the trail head); the road is driveable but overgrown. Anyways we hiked the ATV trail to the lookout tower and thoroughly enjoyed the views and the well maintained trail (approximately 8km one way). When we got to the tower we used a topo map to find the hiking trail down. There are flagging ribbons to mark the very overgrown trail. Once we got past the boulder valley and into the forest the trail was pretty obvious but a lot of fallen trees block the trail. I would also say it is longer than 4km, maybe 6km? The hiking trail is continuous switch backs straight up. In the end we were really happy making this hike into a circle route.

  3. Hiked up to the fire lookout today(25/09/16). I hiked Mt Sproat about 3 years ago, as well. It looks like they’ve rerouted the start of the ATV trail, so instead of coming to a Y near the end of the road, you can only turn left and you will find both the ATV and hiking trail. There is room to turn around and park near the ATV trail and then it’s about 100m walk up an overgrown road to the hiking trailhead.
    The trail is slowly becoming overgrown in places but is still easy to follow. Fresh flagging tape has been added along parts of the ridge to replace old, faded tape. The IA crews went in earlier this summer and cleared any blowdown.

    1. I am from Oregon planning a hike up Mt Sproat in a few weeks when the weather improves About a 16 hour drive from here so need to feel confident about a good weather window! So the directions above, starting at Airport Way – is that out of Revelstoke? I am a photographer working on project documenting the beauty of the entire Columbia. I am missing one key image that covers the length of the Arrow Lakes region. I saw an image inline from Mt Sproat true summit and decided that was it! Appreciate your comments and advice

      1. Peter. Cool mission you’ve got here but you have missed the weather window unless you are bringing your skis and are Avalanche educated! Winter has arrived here in Revy earlier than normal. The road to the trailhead is most likely still drivable at this point but you will be in snow halfway up. Reports are somewhere in the 50-100cm range in the alpine. Unfortunately this won’t be snow free unto next June or July.

  4. Great hike today up to Sproat Lookout. Hiked up the hiking trail and down the ATV Trail for a great loop. Hiking Trail is 5.5km one way to Lookout and 913m elevation gain so more than described. Took 2.5 hours at moderate pace to reach summit. Some trees down in first 1km but mostly clear rest of way. Watch for the flagging for the last km to the summit. Amazing panoramic view at the top. Will plan to return for an overnight in the superb lookout.
    Hike back down ATV Trail is 7.9km and took 2 hours. Took lots of photos if interested and have .trk files.

    1. Rob – would love to see a few images from the summit. Been waiting for the wildfires to subside for clearer photo ops. May try for a late September trip from my home in Hood River, OR. Is there a water source up there? Sounds like you are allowed to spend the night at the lookout? Thanks so much!

  5. Bushwashcking101. Lots of down trees over the trail. plenty of overgrown sections. Still very well marked. 11km to return trip.

  6. Hiked this trail a week ago. Lots of trees down especially on the lower part. Trail getting overgrown and getting hard to find the trail getting closer to the top. Hiking trail is around 5 km ONE WAY to the Lookout (and not 2.6 km as described) and around 900m elevation gain. No water along the trail. The stairs of the lookout have been removed.

    1. Nice. considering heading up here soon. Would flagging tape help out along the way? What shape is the tower in?

      1. went to Sproat hiking trail yesterday, 20th August, 2019. there was a trail crew there for their second day. Wwindfalls cut out at least to the bottom of the bowl. (Unfortunately, I had to turn around there). The road is still in good condition and well signed.

  7. Hiked Aug 12. Up the hiking trail and looped back on the ATV trail. Hiking trail clear of debris. Route finding required once reaching the ridge line. Look carefully for old surveyor tape to guide you. Rebuilt marker cairns in key spots. Trail could use a rebuild in upper portions as almost non-existent. Lots of bear sign above tree line!!! Wildflowers were off the charts. Tower open and accessible. What an amazing hike. Active logging on the 40km drive in so be alert.

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