Mount Sprout ATV Trail

Rating: 4 stars.

Use: ATV, Biking.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 13.8 km return to lookout.

Description: There are two ways to get to the Sproat Mountain Lookout. One is to take the hiking trail. The other is to take the ATV trail. This is the description for the ATV trail. This is a terrific alpine mountain bike ride. The first one third of the trail is completely bike-able, up and down. The last two thirds however, are not. The ATV trail is in good shape for riding, just steep. Be prepared for a hike-a-bike. I am sure for super fit individuals a lot more of the trail would be bike-able going up. Regardless it is a fun ride down and still a worthy adventure to take in some views.  The ATV club did considerable work years ago ‘reclaiming’ this trail from Mother Nature. This is an excellent example of motorized ‘responsible riding’. There is no evidence what so ever of riding off the trail. Nice to see. The views down the Arrow Lake are fantastic almost all of the way.  The lookout was actively used by the Forest Service until about fifteen years ago. About ten years ago it was turned over to the ATV club to maintain. I personally flew most of the historically valuable artifacts down from the lookout when it was decommissioned. These contents were turned over to and are on display at the Revelstoke Forestry Museum. 

Directions: Follow Airport Way Road south past the airport. Continue past the end of the pavement. Turn left onto the Akolkolex FSR. 7.2 km from the start of the Akolkolex FSR you will come to a Y in the road. Turn right onto the ‘Hard’ way or keep on the Akolkolex FSR and take the ‘Long’ way. I wouldn’t suggest taking the Hard way unless you have a 4X4. Cross the Akolkolex River bridge and stay left. 4.7 kilometres from the bridge you will come to a 3 way fork. Stay Right. Turning left would take you to McCrae. From here it is still a long ways to the trailhead. Stay on the main Crawford FSR Road. Probably best to plug in the GPS points for the trailhead and have a good look at the Backroad Mapbook. There are a lot of unsigned forks in the road where it would be possible to take the wrong turn. There is also lots of active logging in the area with a few new roads to add to the confusion. Be sure to bring a radio. Lots of logging truck and dump truck traffic. Use the radio and let them know where you are. Pull over and give them the right of way where it is convenient. Just before the trailhead you will see a spur road going left. Go left for the hiking trailhead, straight for the ATV trailhead. They are only about a half a kilometre apart.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Akolkolex FSR: N50 52.725 W118 05.857
  2. Hardway Y: N50 50.439 W118 02.824
  3. Akolkolex Bridge: N50 49.731 W118 01.862
  4. Sproat Mountain Hike Trailhead: N50 42.974 W117 55.048
  5. Sproat Mountain ATV Trailhead: N50 42.765 W117 55.045

Useful Maps:


MOF Sproat Mountain Trail Description PDF

Mount Sproat ATV Trail Overview Map PDF

Mount Sproat ATV Trail Detail Map PDF

Mount Sproat ATV Trail KML file on Dropbox

Sproat Mountain Lookout ATV Trail Rules. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The lower section of the trail through large timber. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Travis Wilkins all smiles on the Sproat Mountain ‘hike-a-bike’. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Through the avalanche paths and approaching the ridge. Summit in the background. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The final slopes below the lookout. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Taking a break on the top. Sproat Mountain Lookout. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Everything you need for a comfortable night in the Sproat Mountain Lookout. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The fast descent back to the trailhead. Arrow Lakes and the Shelter Bay Galena Bay Ferry crossing below. Ben Wilkey Collection.

2 thoughts on “Mount Sprout ATV Trail

  1. Hello there, I’m looking for a local atv trail to ride after work, I was hoping someone could show me the goods. I’m here by myself (Aug 13-22) so I don’t like riding new trails solo. Thanks , Brent

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