Pingston Falls Trail

Rating: 2 stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 400 m return to the falls.

Description: A very short trail that leads to another great set of falls. I camped at this site for a Revelstoke Secondary School Grade 11 Physical Education class. I only recently made the effort to drive into the site a couple of years ago. Still a great site (although there was a bit of garbage laying around)  with an old Cabin that would not be recommended for sleeping in…unless you like rats! Bring a fishing rod, canoe and spend the night. 

Directions: Drive south of Revelstoke on Highway 23. Just before the Shelter Bay Ferry Launch turn right onto Shelter Bay FSR. Drive past the Eagle Bay turnoff on this road that roughly parallels the Arrow Lake. If you start heading uphill too much you have probably taken a wrong turn. 26 km from the start of the Shelter Bay FSR you will see a road going down to the left. Follow this to the end. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Shelter Bay FSR: N50 38.857 W117 55.993
  2. Pinston Falls turn: N50 26.871 W117 57.690
  3. Pingston Falls Trailhead: N50 26.871 W117 57.690
  4. Pingston Falls: N50 26.330 W117 57.451

Useful Maps:

Pingston Falls Trail BaseCamp PDF

Pingston Falls. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Pingston Falls. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Pingston Falls Cabin. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Pingston Falls Cabin. Ben Wilkey Collection.

2 thoughts on “Pingston Falls Trail

  1. Is the Pingston Falls Cabin also known as the high school cabin of the 1940’s? My father and my Aunt hiked the “Jordan Trail” to the high school cabin and I’m wondering if this is it? thank you

    1. Trudy. The Pingston Falls Cabin is located south of the Shelter Bay Ferry at the mouth of the Pingston River. The Jordan River join the Columbia River northwest of Revelstoke. Not sure how they could be related but if you’ve got history about the high school cabin I would love to hear it.

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