Mowhawk Creek Trail

Rating: 3 stars.

Use: ATV, Biking, Hiking.

Difficulty: Difficult.

Distance: 13.4 km from the Incomappleux washout to the Mowhawk Cabin. 

Description: Albiet a long approach, This old mining road would be worthy of checking out. I have heard of people making it to the cabin on ATV’s although I am not sure exactly on the status of the road. Likely to be somewhat overgrown. I have flown over the Cabin, it still exists. Beyond the cabin you will have the option to traverse over to the high access roads on Great Northern Mountain. 

Directions: Drive from Revelstoke to Beaton. Once in Beaton find the road that leads up the Incomappleux Valley. Chances are you will only get about 13

Trailhead GPS:

Useful Maps:

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