Frigg Tower Trail







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4 thoughts on “Frigg Tower Trail

  1. Does this trail actually exist? I would love to know because I was of the impression that a nasty bushwhack is what it would take to get to the frigg tower but a trail sounds so nice. Anyone know the answer?

    1. At one time there was a trail. I’m not sure of the exact year but about 15 years ago a local fire crew brushed in a trail. I don’t believe it was ever maintained however so likely hard to find and overgrown.

    2. We climbed the south face of frigg tower in the 1990’s. We went for the right hand of 2 obvious lines. If memory serves it was mostly 5.9ish with the headwall pitch going 5.11r. It was a bushwack thru some heavy alder then opened up to more passable terrain. Absolutely stunning area well worth getting there trail or no trail.

  2. I was there in June 2018 and it was still there, not very established, but decently marked and way better than bushwack. Access from the killeen fsr will be good for another 5-10 yrs due to logging.

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