Bear Lake Trail







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Useful Maps:


2 thoughts on “Bear Lake Trail

  1. hello,
    the majority of your information about trails is blank.
    i found this site to be very frustrating and non-useful.
    please update it or allow people to add information to it to allow others to be able to check out where trails are and to have some more info specifically on each one or delete any names that don’t provide information.

    thank you and i hope this feedback helps inprove this website.


    1. Marisa. Always appreciate the feedback. The fact is this site is a hobby for me, not a full time job. I update it when I have time. Not only that but I haven’t been on all the trails listed yet. It takes a bit of effort to research and explore the trails in the Revelstoke area. If you’ve been on some of them that are listed but don’t have any info email me, and I will gladly post your beta. Or if you haven’t done the trail maybe you can explore a few without any beta and let me know how it goes. The site is designed with comment boxes for each trail so that users of the site can update my info easily and quickly if things have changed since I last hiked the trail. It is easy to see which trails will be blank and missing info by looking at the Summary Page. If its blank on that page it’ll be blank for details. I hope that helps. I look forward to getting all of your new beta!

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