1 thought on “North Fosthall Creek Trail

  1. We accessed the park on this trail a couple of weeks ago, The road is well maintained by Sol mountain lodge up until the junction with the North Fosthall Creek FSR. After that it is very overgrown in parts, the alder has almost formed into a tunnel over the road at times.
    There were a few washouts that were easy to cross in my small pickup up until about the 3.3km mark where there was a bigger one I would’ve bottomed out on. We ended up walking the remaining 600m to the trailhead and saw a few more washouts and some big trees across the road.
    The trail itself is a bit overgrown with some blowdown but was in better shape than expected considering the state of the access road, it looks like someone had flagged it earlier this year.
    From the road the trail crosses the creek right away, which could have been tricky with higher water levels, it then climbs VERY steeply for about 1km at most and then flattens right out and is easy alpine meadow rambling along the creek and around the shore of Margie lake. It took about 2 hours from the truck to the campsite at Margie lake with overnight packs. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted by GPS track for the trail.

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