English Lake Provincial Park

English Lake Provincial Park is located less than 15 kilometres from Revelstoke. It is a ‘Class A’ Provincial Park that was created in 2004. Most of us have either camped at, or at least heard of, Martha Creek Provincial Park to the north of Revelstoke or Blanket Creek Provincial Park to the south. Probably only a handful have hiked into Monashee Provincial Park, but I would guess that only a very small few have heard mention of, let alone camped at English Lake Provincial Park. Why? Access. Until recently the only options to explore the park were by helicopter or a long approach via a very overgrown logging road and mysto trail. No longer is the case. Where is it you ask? Right in our back yard, located just west of Mount Macpherson. The lake itself may not be all that spectacular however the surrounding terrain is equally as  impressive as any surrounding Revelstoke. A short traverse over to Mount Tilley or a summit of Mount Macpherson would make the effort to get into the park worthwhile. The lakes just to the north of Tilley are spectacular.

English Lake Provincial Park – BC Parks Website

English Lake Provincial Park access via Mount Macpherson West Approach Trail

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