Jordan River Falls West Trail

Rating: ?

Use: Kayak access to the lower Jordan River. 

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 1 km return to the falls. 

Description: Mainly used by kayakers to access the lower Jordan River ‘Slide’ its also worth the walk.

Directions: Drive north on Westside Road. Turn left onto the Jordan FSR. Continue up the road past the bridge, past the gravel pit access on your right and on to the first left switch back. Here the road forks. Park on the switch back and look for a flagged trail. The trail takes you to the top of the gravel pit. Go left to a road, go right along the road and look for the flagged trail on the left taking you to the river.

*An important note* please make yourself a ghost when skirting around the edge of the gravel pit. You don’t want to get in their way as the trailhead down to the river is on their property and a loss of the access would be misfortunate..thanks!

Trailhead GPS:

Useful Maps:

1 thought on “Jordan River Falls West Trail

  1. I been on the trail up to the falls from the bridge, and there is a harvesting zone, hard to cross, but worth the effort. What’s the meaning of the blue ribbons on the floor of the harvesting area? Seems to be the trial path but there is many options. Beautiful forest at the end.

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