Jordan River Falls East Trail

Rating: 3 stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 2.2 km return to the falls. 

Description: A nice little scenic trail that provides good access to the Jordan River Falls. The trail to the log structure looks as though it has been in existence for a while. If anyone knows the history of the original trail please contact me. I am curious to know. Recently work has been done to clear a path from the structure to the falls. Not a clearly defined trail for the last section but cleared well and easy to follow. The trail provides a couple of fantastic viewpoints of the Jordan River. It also winds through some really big timber. Hope the new flagging ribbon seen along the way doesn’t mean its days are numbered. A worthwhile couple of hours. 

Directions: Just past the dump turn left onto the Jordan River FSR. This is the main parking area for Snowmobiling on Boulder Mountain. Follow this road until you come to the first bridge. Look for the trailhead on the right at the north end of the bridge. 

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. Jordan FSR: N51 01.565 W118 14.061
  2. Jordan River Falls Trailhead: N51 01.488 W118 14.693
  3. Jordan Falls: N51 01.738 W118 15.297

Useful Maps:

Jordan River Falls Trail Garmin BaseCamp PDF

The Jordan River from the trailhead. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The first viewpoint. Be cautious at this viewpoint. Not ideal for small children. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The Jordan River Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Some of the old growth trees on the Jordan River Trail.
The curious log structure on the Jordan River Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The viewpoint at the Jordan River Falls. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The Jordan River Falls. Ben Wilkey Collection.

8 thoughts on “Jordan River Falls East Trail

  1. Think you just made a little typo in the directions– left turn instead of right?

    Love all your trail beta! It’s been great getting out to some of Revelstoke’s lesser known spots! Thanks!

    1. Bobby, Thank you for pointing that typo out. I’ve just fixed it. Any other feedback? Please feel free to let me know. Also if you have any photos from any of your adventures on the trails from this site and you are willing to send them along I would be more than happy to post them!

  2. Sadly more than half of this trail has been clear cut including the section where the log structure was. Still possible to hike across the 2 cut blocks and connect to the remaining part of the trail to the falls.

  3. Sadly a large portion of this pretty little trail has been logged over. Including the section with the log structure. It is still possible to hike across the cut blocks and regain the trail to the falls.

    1. a new trail now exists along the river to the falls. access from the lower canyon fork down a faint but cleared trail.

  4. I think the old log structure is gone, it is a bad harvesting area just before descending to the falls, sad looking. I have good pictures of the area, and will be happy to share, so you can put it on the website. contact me.

  5. This was a great little walk, access to the river at multiple points with cool rapids and some sweet views of the valley. Highly recommend

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