Big Eddy Bluff Trail

Rating: 3 stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 2.8 km return to the lookout.

Description: Thanks to Dave Sproule for this trail. This relatively new trail has gained instant popularity due to its low effort and maximum views. This short hike provides one of the best views of our picture perfect little town. That being said the trail needs some work. It gets pretty muddy right off the start after it rains. The rock step also provides some entertainment and charm for the unsuspecting hiker.

Directions: Get onto Westside Road from the Highway 1 junction. follow this road until just before you reach the Jordan River Bridge. Park on the right on the south side of the bridge. Head across the road and pick up the trail heading north along the river.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Big Eddy Bluff Trailhead: N51° 00.617′  W118° 14.353′

Useful Maps:

Big Eddy Bluff Trail Garmin BaseCamp PDF

The rock step. Ben Wilkey Collection.
The panoramic view from the top. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Our picture perfect paradise. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Making things interesting on the way out. Ben Wilkey Collection.
A ‘dry’ section at the start of the trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.