Copeland Mine Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: Biking.

Difficulty: Extremely difficult (due to the state of the trail and the mandatory river crossing).

Distance: 45 km return from current end of drivable road to Copeland Mine.

Description: Once an active mining road (1970-1974), this would have been a spectacular bike ride back in the day. The huge rock walls that exist on the south side of Hiren Creek are nothing less than spectacular. Mother Nature  however has taken the road back. Extremely overgrown, the old road that crosses slide path after slide path, would be a major undertaking today. It would have provided good access to Mount Copeland but it is now better to traverse from Eagle Pass Mountain.

Directions: Drive as far as you can on the Jordan FSR. Ten years ago one could drive to the mouth of Hiren Creek. About this time, the road was deactivated, making access difficult past the Canyon. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Jordan FSR: N51 01.565 W118 14.061
  2. Copeland Trailhead:N51 02.610 W118 16.419
  3. Copeland Mine: N51 06.782 W118 27.850

Useful Maps:

Copeland Mine Trail BaseCamp PDF

2 thoughts on “Copeland Mine Trail

  1. This morning worked alittle on opening the road up to be able to bike through. There is a fallen tree at Hiren Creek with rope and wire mesh attached to close the creek. Didn’t make it up to the mine today but definitely was a journey to get to Hiren.
    So thankful for this site! Thanks Ben!

    1. Hi Jason. Interested in your comment here. What was the road like to Hiren Creek? What was it like after the creek?

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