North Hwy 23 High Elev Traverse

Northern Selkirks Traverse Fairy to Mica

Fairy Meadow Hut to Great Cairn Hut Traverse

Laforme Mine to Mout LaForme to St Cyr to Sale

Keystone Standard Basin to Pass Creek Traverse

Brewster Basin Traverse

Brewster Creek Ridge to Caribou Creek (Downie) Traverse

Brewster Creek to Sorcerer Pass Traverse

Groundhog to Camp Creek Traverse

Groundhog to Norman Wood Alpine Traverse Route Talked about in Selkirks N

Caribou Creek (Goldstream) to Norman Wood Alpine Traverse Route

Pyrite Ridge Traverse

Birch Creek to Yellow Creek Alpine Traverse Route

Fred Laing Ridge to Louis Lee Creek Alpine Traverse Route

Cummins Ridge Alpine Traverse

1 thought on “North Hwy 23 High Elev Traverse

  1. Did the traverse from groundhog to camp creek last weekend. Curious if anyone else has done it? Would love to hear thoughts. Travel in camp creek itself is very challenging (was expecting this but it exceeded expctations for difficult travel), not sure I would recommend but alpine section was beautiful!

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