Tangier Pass via Sorcerer Creek Trail

Rating: 4 stars.

Use: ATV, Biking.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 5 to 10 km depending on where you park and how much you are willing to scratch you truck. 

Description: This trail follows old logging roads and mining roads to the headwaters of Sorcerer Creek at Tangiers Pass. Access has been made much easier thanks the Revelstoke Community Forest Corporation logging 32 km down the Sorcerer FSR. The trail follows an old logging road for the first five kilometres, and then an ATV track for the last 5 km. From the pass, at 1,800 metres, you get amazing views of Sorcerer Mountain, south down the Tangiers River valley, and north up the Sorcerer Creek valley. Go soon, before RCFC stops logging back there and deactivates the road.

Directions: Drive north on Highway 23 until the Downie FSR. Stay on the Downie FSR to kilometre 15 where the road splits. Stay left (straight) to get on the Sorcerer FSR. Continue for about 17 km to just before where the road crosses the creek and RCFC is logging. Here, you can either park, or you can keep going down the old road that’s straight ahead. It depends on how much you care for your vehicle getting scratched up. If you keep going, there’s a tree blocking the road about 1 km onwards. If you cut that out of the way, you can keep going another 4 km to a pair of switchbacks making their way up a cutblock. Park after the second switchback and hike or bike the remaining 5 km to Tangiers Pass. The road needs brushing, but a decent truck will make it easily.

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. Downie FSR: N51 30.063 W118 22.299
  2. Sorcerer Rd: N51 29.315 W118 12.074
  3. Tangier Pass Trailhead: N51 27.687 W117 58.823
  4. Tangier Pass: N51 25.502 W117 56.230

Useful Maps:

Tangier Pass Overview Map PDF

Tangier Pass Detail Map PDF

Looking into Holway Creek. Alex Cooper Collection.
Nearing Tangier Pass. Alex Cooper Collection.
The Lakes at Tangier Pass. Alex Cooper Collection.
Looking back into Sorcerer Creek. Alex Cooper Collection.

2 thoughts on “Tangier Pass via Sorcerer Creek Trail

  1. I had a great time exploring Tangiers pass September long weekend. We removed the tree on Sorcerer Fsr and had no trouble getting my old F150 to the second switch back. Even managed to scramble up to a toe of the Holway ice field. Lots of scrambling opportunities on either side of the pass.

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