Pettipiece Pass Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: ATV, Biking.

Difficulty: Difficult.

Distance: 23 km one way from Downie Loop to the high point at the pass, 34 km one way all the way to Ratchford Creek.

Description: Not a true ‘trail’, its the access road for maintaining the powerlines over the Pettipiece Pass. Mainly used by the Revelstoke ATV club from the west side via Ratchford Creek. I have included it here because it could provide a pretty cool adventure from the east side with a canoe and mountain bikes. The top of Pettipiece Pass is pretty scenic. Need more incentive to make this trip happen? Ditch the bikes at the top of the pass and start hiking south towards the beautiful Borne Glacier for a few hours before heading back down. The area is peppered with beautiful alpine lakes. If for no other reason, it is the only ‘trail’ that is accessible on the west side of the Revelstoke Reservoir. 

Directions: Load up your bikes at the Downie Loop Resort and head across the Lake to the Fourtynine Creek Ferry Landing. A quick trip across the Lake, unload your bikes and start the 3500 foot grind to the top of the pass. From here you can either come back the way you came, or for a bigger adventure head over the pass and down to Ratchford Creek. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Fourtynine Creek East Ferry Landing: N51 28.337 W118 28.309
  2. Fourtynine Creek West Ferry Landing: N51 28.162 W118 28.547
  3. Pettipiece Pass: N51 24.631 W118 37.065

Useful Maps:

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