Groundhog Basin Trail

Rating: 4 stars.

Use: ATV, Biking, Hiking.

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: 10.4 km return from the bridge to the pass.

Description: This is a great alpine mountain bike ride outing. The route follows an old mining road where placer miners are still actively mining. Not exactly perfect mountain bike single track but still a fun ride to the alpine. Unlike a lot of other ‘mountain bike trails’ on old roads in our area this one is pretty much rideable the whole way. No hike-a-bike here. It provides great access to the alpine above the infamous CMH Gothics ‘McCulloch Creek’. The only reason for hiking this trail would be to complete an alpine traverse to the Old Camp Creek.

Directions: Drive north of Revelstoke on Highway 23. Just past the Goldstream river bridge you will see the French Creek FSR. 12.4 km along this road take a left onto the McCulloch Road and follow it to the bridge. Park here and start your ride. 5.3 km and 2000 feet vertical will get you to the top of the pass looking down into Graham Creek. From here you can explore the many tracks along the ridge or drop down into Graham Creek itself. A great day.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. French Creek FSR: N51 40.367 W118 37.575
  2. McCulloch Road: N51 39.316 W118 28.290
  3. McCulloch Bridge: N51 40.559 W118 28.989
  4. Groundhog Basin Pass: N51 42.071 W118 25.758

Useful Maps:

Groundhog Basin Trail Overview Map PDF

Groundhog Basin Trail Detail Map PDF

Groundhog Basin Trail KML file on Dropbox


Groundhog Basin Alex Cooper Collection.
Groundhog Basin Alex Cooper Collection.
Groundhog Basin Alex Cooper Collection.
Groundhog Basin Alex Cooper Collection.
Groundhog Basin Alex Cooper Collection.

3 thoughts on “Groundhog Basin Trail

  1. Had a great biking adventure at Ground hog today Aug. 9 2014. Not much of a trail head, the rd goes all the way to the alpine meadow but gets quite narrow after the bridge over McCulloch cr, this is where we parked and started our ride. 2800 ft climb to gain the ridge, not much trail to follow just faint atv trails that disappear at the small alpine lake below the ridge. Saw lots of signs of active gold mining on the way up and chatted with on of the miners, had a great day.

  2. Scott’s post is a little confusing. From the McCulloch Creek bridge, it’s actually a really easy road to follow to get to the alpine. Once you’re in the alpine, there’s a few ATV trails that spread out from the main road but their conditions vary. The alpine can be easily reached by ATV or dirtbike. It’s not too hard on a mountain bike, but there is some loose rock and steep sections on the road. You could even get a good 4WD drive vehicle up there if you don’t mind scratching it up.

  3. Today we tried for hours to find the trail to Groundhog Basin. There are so many roads up there that even following the directions was of no use because we never ended up finding the McCulloch Road bridge. Perhaps there are a lot of new logging roads that have been put in since this description was created, or someone has put up a no trespassing sign on the road we needed to take. Either way, the directions are in need of some more specific details. It would be really great to have an opportunity to bike in this area!

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