Cummins Lookout Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Very Difficult (due to access and state of the trail).

Distance: 1 km boat, 15 km bike and 5 km hike.

Description: Looking for a real adventure? This may be it. Almost as remote as you can get. I have landed at the lookout on numerous occasions and can tell you the effort would be well worth it. The trail follows an old lookout tower service road. Combine this hike with the Fred Laing trail and an overnight camp at Potlach Rec Site.

Directions: Drive 168 km north on Hwy 23 to the ferry landing at Red Rock Harbour. Boat across the Kinbasket. Bike along logging roads to reach a point that gives high access to the existing trail. Hike the service trail to the lookout. Probably overgrown on the lower third giving way to a better trail higher up the mountain. To save yourself some time and energy you could perhaps purchase a ride on the Red Rock ferry operated by Downie Timer. This would allow you to drive all the way to the Trailhead.

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. Redrock Harbour South: N52 05.028 W118 22.134
  2. Cummins Lookout Trailhead: N52 04.864 W118 17.246
  3. Cummins Lookout: N52 06.349 W118 17.818


Useful Maps:

Cummins Lookout Trail Overview Map PDF

Cummins Lookout Trail Detail Map PDF

Cummins Lookout Trail KML file on Dropbox

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