Carnes Kelly-Burke Trail

Rating: stars.

Use: Biking, Hiking.

Difficulty: Difficult (due to the state of the trail). 

Distance: 29 km return to the mine.

Description: Yet another overgrown mining road that would make an excellent biking trail if it was cleared.

Directions: Drive north of Revelstoke on Highway 23. Just after the Carnes Creek bridge pick up the start of the old mining road. A July 2010 trip report by Graham Sumner on states: “The first 4.5km is well maintained by local gold prospectors/miners. Soon after the turn onto the Kelly Cr / Burke Cr. section of the trail, it degrades in quality quickly. It is navigable with some deadfall and minor landslides to 5.5km or so. Beyond this, the bushwashing is serious, with limited flagging to appox. 7km. The trail is almost gone (spotted every few hundred meters), and travel is very slow, even for experienced and determined parties. We turned back approx. 1 km after the Kelly Creek log crossing. Local prospectors report the trail was built in the 1940 to service a mining claim in the Carnes group. It has not been maintained in decades beyond the 4.5km mark. Not recommended as access to this group, but an entertaining bushwack through old growth rainforest.”

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Carnes Kelly-Burke Trailhead: N51 17.896 W118 16.794
  2. Kelly-Burke Mine: N51 19.715 W118 09.083

Useful Maps:

Carnes Kelly Burke Trail Overview Map PDF

Carnes Kelly Burke Trail KML file on Dropbox

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