Soren Sorensen 5 km Loop Trail

Rating: 1 star.

Use: Hiking, Trail Running, Biking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 5 km.

Description: Probably one of the most well used trails in the Revelstoke area. Not that it is all that spectacular. It’s just close and convenient. Great spot to just get some fresh air. Since the turnoff to the parking lot is before the Welcome Gate, its also free.

On a historical note… Excerpt taken from First Tracks: A History of Skiing in Revelstoke. 

‘In 1954, a Danish immigrant, Soren Sorensen, moved to Revelstoke and began working for Parks Canada in the carpentry shop, making rustic signs. By the late 1960s he became a major driving force in the development of cross-country skiing in the community. Sorensen, with the help of Alan McInnes and others, laid out the five- and two-kilometre trails that now bear Sorensen’s name. The trails begin at the base of the Nels Nelsen Hill and are popular running, walking and snowshoeing routes today.’

Directions: From Revelstoke head eastbound on the Trans Canada Highway. Take a right on to the Meadows in the Sky Parkway. As you start to drive up the hill take the second right. Follow this dirt road until its end. You can start the hike on the upper trailhead that starts above the parking lot or start on the lower trailhead that starts off the end of the parking lot to the north. Either way about 1 kilometer into the trail you will see a Y where you keep going straight.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Soren Sorensen Parkway Turnoff: N51 00.708 W118 12.113
  2. Soren Sorensen Trailhead: N51 00.401 W118 11.664
  3. Soren Sorensen Y: N51 00.690 W118 11.902

Useful Maps:

6 thoughts on “Soren Sorensen 5 km Loop Trail

  1. Will you please change your erroneous spelling of the name SOREN SORENSEN. He was a danish and spelled it “sen” on the end like all other danes.

    1. Viggo Soren Sorensen,
      Thank you for the email. It seems I am not the only one who has made that mistake. After I read your email I checked my reference… the printed trail guide issued by Parks Canada. They too spelled it with an ‘o’. I then emailed the Revelstoke Museum to confirm that Parks Canada was also in error. They confirmed that it is indeed spelled as you say with an ‘e’. Thanks again for the correction.

  2. Thank you very much Ben and all you guys. You are doing a good job. Merry Christmas all of you. Viggo Sorensen.

    1. Thanks Viggo for pointing that out and thanks Benfor fixing it.
      Soren was my grandfather and we used to cross country ski there. I haven’t been there to see which ones they named after him nor am I sure I would be able to rememeber if they were the exact ones we skied but I am glad they are there.

      1. Thanks for the comment. Yes the original ski trails you probably skied years ago are the same. I remember skiing there myself over 30 years ago when it was the only place to go.

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