Mount Williamson Traverse

Rating: 5 stars.

Use: Hiking/Scrambling/Climbing.

Difficulty: Difficult.

Distance: 17.0 km round trip.

Description: To climbers, Mount Williamson is not really a worthy climb. It is mostly 3rd class scrambling on loose rock with the odd very exposed 4th class section. Regardless, if you are looking for an adventure in Mount Revelstoke Park and don’t mind a bit of exposure, its probably worth the effort. This description details the west to northeast traverse of the peak followed by the ‘back route’ to Eva Lake. If you are not so keen on scrambling loose rock, then skip the summit traverse and proceed directly from Jade Pass around the ‘back route’ to Eva Lake. Still a very worthwhile outing without the summit. 

Directions: Drive to the top of Mount Revelstoke. Park at the Balsam Lake Parking Lot. From here you can either start hiking on the Upper Summit Trail or take the shuttle bus to the summit. Follow the signs to Jade Pass. At Jade Pass you have two options. If Mount Williamson looks appealing, get onto the ridge and scramble away. If not, turn north, through the Williamson W Col and descend aiming for the obvious ‘Bench’ that leads around the corner to Eva Lake. The ‘back route’ to Eva Lake is a fun side-trip in itself. If you make it up Williamson continue down the northeast ridge and drop back down to the Williamson N Col and into the valley that is adjacent to Eva aiming for the same bench described above. If you are confused, check out the Basecamp Map PDF to clarify. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Jade Pass Y: N51 04.465 W118 06.526
  2. Jade Pass: N51 04.446 W118 05.577
  3. Williamson W Col: N51 04.549 W118 05.578
  4. Williamson N Col: N51 04.777 W118 05.256

Useful Maps:

Mount Williamson 1 BaseCamp PDF

Mount Williamson 2 BaseCamp PDF

Mount Williamson south aspect from Jade Pass. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Upper Jade Lake and Mount Harry from the summit of Mount Williamson. Ben Wilkey Collection
Jade Pass from the summit of Mount Williamson. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Williamson W Col, the ‘Bench’ and Eva Lake from the summit of Mount Williamson. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Middle subpeak of Mount Williamson from the summit. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Descending the NE ridge of Williamson. Mount Harry and Upper Jade Lake in the background. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Nearing the Williamson N Col. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Picture shows the ‘Bench’ leading the ‘back route’ to Eva Lake. Ben Wilkey Collection.
July Wilkey on the ‘Bench’. Mount Williamson West Aspect. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Final descent into Eva Lake. Ben Wilkey Collection.

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