Mount Revelstoke High Elevation Traverse Routes

Have you done the standard hikes into Eva Lake, Miller Lake, and Jade Lakes? Want something a little bit more challenging? Want to escape the ‘Euro’ crowds of Mount Revelstoke? If you answered yes to any of these, then this is the section for you. Mount Revelstoke is an amazing piece of terrain. Yet about 90 percent of its users don’t make it past the ‘Ice Box’. 85 percent don’t make it past Eva Lake. A few may venture as far as Jade Pass or even into Jade Lakes. Very little ever venture off trail or beyond these destinations. These traverses will re-inspire you to head to Mount Revelstoke National Park. There is so much more beyond Heather Lake!

Mount Revelstoke Alpine Tour

Mount Williamson Traverse

Mount Harry Traverse

Gordon Glacier Traverse

West Woolsey Cabin Traverse

Sale Mountain to Mount Revelstoke Traverse

Durrand Glacier Chalet to Mount Revelstoke Traverse

2 thoughts on “Mount Revelstoke High Elevation Traverse Routes

  1. Any chance you could share some beta on Mount Harry? I’d like to give it a go this coming weekend while my family hits up the lakes. If it means anything, you could be free to use any photos I take and I can give you a .kml file to make a route map from. I would be approaching from the summit of Mount Revelstoke.

    1. Yes I could provide a copy of the route info given in the climbing guidebook ‘Selkirks North’ by David Jones. Send me an email to address found in contact info and I can send you a copy.

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