2 thoughts on “Glacier High Elevation Established Trails

  1. I would be curious to know the history behind the Bostock/Casualty Cr trail and the Carson Cabin if anyone has that info. Was this for mining maybe? Is this cabin in any sort of decent condition? Thanks!

    1. Hi Joel, The Carson Cabin is a Park Warden Patrol cabin. The Bostock Casualty Ck trail is part of a trail used by the early miners and trappers from before Rogers Pass was in use. This trail came up the Beaver river to Mountain Ck and followed this to where it joined Casualty Ck and over Bostock Pass and down Bostock Ck on the west bank of the creek (not the East like now) across the Illecillewaet river and up over Flat creek Pass and down the Jeopardy Slide (dangerous avalanches) and into the Incommapleux (Fish) river, which was followed past Camborne to the Arrow Lakes at Beaton. This Trail was used to haul high grade Galena ore (and other ores) from mines all along the trail. I hope that helps.

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