Williamson Lake Trail

Rating: 1 star.

Use: Walking, Running, Biking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: 1.4 km one way to the tent platforms on the opposite side of the lake.

Description: This trail starts at the Williamson Lake parking lot and circles the lake clockwise to the North. The trail is a fairly even grade most of the way with the exception of a few really steep sections on the far side of the lake. There is evidence that the trail continues past the inflow creek on the far side but is not really recommended past the wooden tent platform adjacent to the creek. During the first half of the hike look for old growth stumps that were logged many, many years ago. Evidence of the springboard notches are evident in almost every stump. Imagine what the entire Columbia valley bottom containing trees this large looked like over one hundred years ago? Though this trail is a little bit obscure for local Revelstokians, be prepared to see a lot of european hikers on the trail that are camped out in their rented RV’s staying at the Campground.

Directions: Drive to Williamson Lake. Walk down to the lake shore and work your way to the north. Signs indicate the start of the trail.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Williamson Lake Trailhead: N50 58.125 W118 10.256

Useful Maps: Revelstoke Trail Guide (free at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre).

Williamson Lake Trail Overview Map PDF

Williamson Lake Trail KML file on Dropbox

seerevelstoke.com Trail Guide 2011 PDF

1 thought on “Williamson Lake Trail

  1. As of March 2014 RMR has received funding from the Revelstoke Tourism Infrastructure Committee for this trail. $12,800 was allocated to Revelstoke Mountain Resort for a study of a proposed trail around Williamson’s Lake. The proposal calls for a 6.1-kilometre trail around the lake that will connect to Camozzi Road. The proposal outlines all the necessary steps in a riparian study.

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