Mount Revelstoke Lower Trails

Rating: 1 star.

Use: Biking, Running.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: Varies.

Description: Used mainly as mountain bike trails, but also good for trail running. Mountain bikers call these trails ‘Toaster’ and ‘CPR Hill’. ‘Toaster’ refers to the western end trails above the Railway Museum and ‘CPR Hill’ refers to the eastern end trails closer to the Eastern Access Road. These trails provide a nice circle route for anyone living downtown. You can also combine this with a lap of the 5 km loop on Mount Revelstoke for an extended loop.

Directions: Start at the new renovated Mount Revelstoke National Park Entrance on Track Street behind the Railway Museum. Follow this hill until you are past the Trans Canada underpass. If you are on foot you can proceed on the marked Summit Trail Trailhead or, if on your bike take the next right along an old road. These two options soon merge and take you to the old Ski Jump parking lot. From there, follow the trail below the parking lot. You might want to have a look at the GPS file for this next section. There are a lot of trails from the main trail that will spit you out somewhere on CPR Hill. For one short section you will have to follow Cedar Street before returning to the trail. Eventually, if you have not made any wrong turns you will end up at the Eastern Access Exit to Hwy 1 East. From here, simply follow Townley Street back to town. A nice loop.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Track Street Trailhead: N51 00.203 W118 11.925
  2. Mount Revelstoke Trailhead 1: N51 00.559 W118 12.102
  3. Mount Revelstoke Trailhead 2: N51 00.405 W118 11.666
  4. Cedar Street W Trailhead: N50 59.940 W118 11.156
  5. Cedar Street E Trailhead: N50 59.919 W118 10.836
  6. Highway 1 Trailhead: N50 59.905 W118 10.028
  7. Townley Street Trailhead: N50 59.892 W118 10.589

Useful Maps:

Mount Revelstoke Lower Trails Overview Map PDF

Mount Revelstoke Lower Trails KML file on Dropbox

1 thought on “Mount Revelstoke Lower Trails

  1. Just read Alex Cooper’s Revelstoke Times article on this trail. Sounds like the Revelstoke Cycling Association is putting some pressure on the City of Revelstoke to officially put this trail on the map. This will require some negotiation with CP Rail and some Private Land owners. The RCA is also helping out with some volunteer work to ‘fix’ up the trail a bit. Great to see!

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