Mount MacKenzie Lower Trails

Rating: 2 stars.

Use: Biking, Running

Difficulty: Moderate.

Distance: Various trails to choose from.

Description: The trails on the lower slopes of Mount MacKenzie (RMR) have been around for a long time with the exception the newly constructed trail leading from the ‘village’ to the ‘day lodge’. The older trails were built with mountain biking in mind. The newer trail was primarily built to accommodate the ‘breakfast buffet crowd’ but it can dual as a great training running trail. What a fantastic idea! For about 25 bucks you can ride the Gondola up to the day lodge, have a great breakfast buffet and walk back down to the village to burn off the breakfast. Highly recommended. If you ride your bike up or down the trail be respectful and plan your time to avoid the breakfast crowd walking down from the day lodge. If you do encounter hiking groups again, use your head, be respectful.

The northern trails, otherwise known as ‘Crowbar’ and ‘Faultline’ start from the RMR Operations Buildings. The Faultline loop doubles back along Crowbar ending just short of the daylodge. Crowbar, with its downhill mountain bike flavour heads north and ends with serval options coming out on Camozzi Road. The Crowbar trail also provides a good option for hikers willing to hike up a short distance from the Camozzi Road trailhead. Fifteen minutes of steep hiking puts you on top of some minor rock bluffs allowing for good views of the city. 

The south trail, otherwise know as ‘The Big Easy’, starts at the RMR Mid Mountain Lodge and provides a nice loop. 

Heading up the new RMR Gondola Trail and completing both the Faultline and Big Easy Loops and finally descending the RMR trail makes a nice long outing. 

Directions: For the RMR Gondola Trail drive towards RMR and park at the village parking lot. Head over to the gondola and onto the ‘Magic Carpet’. Pick up the road that climbs the lookers right hand side of the magic carpet. This leads to the start of the trail. Trail is marked with green circle hiking signs.

For the start of Faultline and Crowbar head up the RMR road and find the RMR Operations Buildings.

For the start of the Big Easy loop head up the RMR road until you reach the Mid Mountain Lodge. 

For the Camozzi Road Trailhead follow Camozzi Road past Kozek Sawmill to reach the trailhead.

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. RMR Gondola Trail Village Trailhead: N50 57 29.6 W118 09 48.7
  2. Faultline RMR Operations Trailhead: N50 57 49.4 W118 09 06.1
  3. Crowbar RMR Operation Trailhead: N50 57 46.8 W118 09 02.1
  4. Crowbar Camozzi Road Trailhead: N50 58 59.8 W118 09 58.6
  5. Big Easy Daylodge Trailhead: N50 57 14.8 W118 09 00.8

Useful maps:

Mount MacKenzie Lower Trails Overview Map PDF

Mount MacKenzie Lower Trails North Detail Map PDF

Mount MacKenzie Lower Trails Daylodge Detail Map PDF

Mount MacKenzie Lower Trails South Detail Map PDF

Mount MacKenzie Lower Trails KML file on Dropbox

MOF Mount MacKenzie Trail Map

Descending the RMR Gondola Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Descending the RMR Gondola Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.
RMR Gondola Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.
RMR Gondola Trail. Ben Wilkey Collection.

2 thoughts on “Mount MacKenzie Lower Trails

  1. Things have changed up here a bit. For this summer 2016, RMR has a newly built single person ‘Pipe Coaster’. Cool addition to the resort but unfortunately they built it to weave its way along the existing Gondola Trail. The last time I was up there I did notice they were re-routing the Gondola Trail in a few sections to avoid the coaster rail. So as far as I know you can still access the Gondola Trail but common sense should be used anywhere near the coaster track.

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