Illecillewaet Greenbelt Pathway

Rating: 2 stars.

Use: Walking, Running, Biking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: Varies, 5.6 km one way for complete pathway.

Description: The very popular ‘Greenbelt’. Summer and winter, this path gets a lot of traffic. A paved path that gives you a good view of the valley, not to mention our local sawmill and local power substation.

Directions: Lots of options to start and end this path. For the complete version start at Centennial Park and finish at Powerhouse Road. Although I have included a GPS point for the Vernon Ave Trailhead, it is not recommend that you walk through the sawmill’s yard to access it. Though this is a public road, the chances of getting in someones way are high. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Centennial Trailhead: N50 59.727 W118 12.168
  2. Vernon Avenue Trailhead: N50 59.127 W118 11.916 (use extreme caution with this trailhead as you will be walking right through the Downie Street Sawmill yard)
  3. Edward Street Trailhead: N50 59.197 W118 11.487 (this is the skatepark access)
  4. Illecillewaet Bridge Trailhead: N50 59.174 W118 10.955
  5. Powerhouse Road Trailhead: N50 59.484 W118 10.142

Useful Maps: Revelstoke Trail Guide (free at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre).

Illecillewaet Greenbelt Pathway Overview Map PDF

Illecillewaet Greenbelt Pathway KML file on Dropbox Trail Guide 2011 PDF

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