Columbia River Flats Trails

Rating: 2 stars.

Use: Walking, Running, Biking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: Varies.

Description: Not really a single defined trail. With the recent addition of the pedestrian bridge crossing over the Illecillewaet River there is now the option to start in town and go as far south as you want. Please use common sense on the trail network that is abeam the airport. Stay completely clear of the runway at all times. There has been considerable controversy surrounding the Airport Access lately. The CSRD wants to completely close off this access by installing a fence. Hopefully a solution can be worked out to keep it open.

Points further south including 6 Mile, 9 Mile and 12 Mile are open to the ‘motorized’ public. See the PDF attached below for BC Hydro rules regarding the use of the ‘Drawdown Zone’. This is an extremely popular area in the spring when the reservoir levels are still low and Revelstokians are keen to get out in their four wheel trucks and dirt bikes.

It is possible to start in town and follow the old railway bed all the way to the 9 Mile Access point. A good afternoon mission on your mountain bike. The old railway bed is pretty well intact for the most part with the exception of a handful of drainage creeks that flow from the Airport, Montana, McKay sloughs. The window of opportunity for this trail is short however due to the high reservoir level in summer. Early spring is best when the snow first melts off the valley floor.

Directions: Lots of access points and opportunities to ramble. Try the Centennial Park Access, Equestrian Park Access or the Airport Access points. Other points to access the flats further south are the Six Mile Access, Nine Mile Access and Twelve Mile Access.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Centennial Park Access: N50 59.547 W118 12.385
  2. Equestrian Park Access: N50 59.120 W118 10.923
  3. Airport Access: N50 57.340 W118 10.554
  4. Six Mile Access: N50 56.074 W118 09.447
  5. Nine Mile Access: N50 54.036 W118 07.242
  6. Twelve Mile Access: N50 51.596 W118 05.789

Useful Maps: Revelstoke Trail Guide (free at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre).

Columbia River Flats Trails Overview Map PDF

Columbia River Flats Trails Detail Map PDF

Columbia River Flats Trails KML file on Dropbox

Recreation Use of the Drawdown Zone Lands PDF Trail Guide 2011 PDF

Selwyn enjoys a late fall ‘run bike’ ride on the flats. Ben Wilkey Collection.
Columbia River Flats Trail from the Airport Access Trailhead. Ben Wilkey Collection.

2 thoughts on “Columbia River Flats Trails

  1. One can pick up the old rail grade below 12 Mile and follow it to the mouth of the Akokolex. It’s an awkward scramble from there to the base of the falls

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