Bridge Creek Trail

Rating: 1 star.

Use: Walking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: Approximately 370 m.

Description: Again, hardly worth mentioning as far as a trail. In fact the original trail on the west side of the creek is almost non-existent. There is some evidence of it at its south end located at the confluence with the Illecillewaet River. Today there is a ‘road’ that parallels the creek on the east side of Bridge Creek. This ‘trail’ or more aptly named ‘road’ would really only be of interest to those wanting an access point to the Greenbelt pathway or to view the spawning Kokanee fish in the fall months. 

Directions: Drive along Powerhouse Road towards Revelstoke’s Industrial Park. Just past Rona you will see the parking lot on the right. Park here.

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Bridge Creek Trailhead North: N50 59.636 W118 10.291
  2. Bridge Creek Trailhead South: N50 59.467 W118 10.462

Useful Maps: Revelstoke Trail Guide (free at the Revelstoke Visitor Information Centre).

Bridge Creek Trail Overview Map PDF

Bridge Creek Trail KML file on Dropbox Trail Guide 2011 PDF

Bridge Creek Sign left.
Bridge Creek Sign left.
Bridge Creek Sign right.
Bridge Creek Sign right.

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