Big Eddy Trails

Rating: 1 star.

Use: Walking, Running, Biking.

Difficulty: Easy.

Distance: Varies, depending on trail.

Description: These trails provide a good afternoon of exploring the Big Eddy area along the Columbia River. It is best to explore these trails early spring or late fall when the Columbia River is low. There are also a few options for when the water comes up. These trails include the Tum Tum trail and old roads that pretty much parallel the Revelstoke River Pathway. Check out the PDF map below for an idea of where to start and end. Have a look at the attached BC Hydro PDF for rules of the drawdown zone. Vehicles are prohibited at all of these access points. 

Directions: A good place to start is the trail just below the west end of the Big Eddy Bridge. It is possible to follow this trail all the way along the drawdown zone to Highway 23 south where the Tum Tum river flows under the road. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Big Eddy Flats Trailhead: N51 00.231 W118 13.140
  2. Tum Tum River Trailhead: N50 59.750 W118 13.941

Useful Maps:

Big Eddy Trails Overview Map PDF

Big Eddy Trails KML file on Dropbox

Recreation Use of the Drawsdown Zone Lands PDF

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