Woolsey Creek Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Difficult, Likely overgrown.

Distance: 7 km into Maunder Creek, 6 km up West Woolsey Creek 

Description: Yet another old trail that is noted on old 1:50000 Topo maps. Again, Likely overgrown but probably not too bad in the older growth timber. There is also the lure of an old cabin not too far from the Trailhead. The cabin is likely in very poor condition but it does show up on Google Earth so more than likely still exists. Go explore and let me know. If anyone know the history of the Woolsey Cabin I would love to know.

Directions: Head East out of Revelstoke on the Trans Canada Highway. Turn left onto the Woolsey FSR. Head up the road for 3.8 km and start searching out the trail on the left. After a likely problematic Woolsey Creek river crossing you will come to a fork in the trail. At the the fork you can either go straight into the West Woolsey Creek or hang a right to go find the cabin and head towards Maunder Creek. 

Trailhead GPS:

  1. Woolsey Creek FSR: N51 07.050 W117 53.400
  2. Woolsey Creek Trailhead: N51 08.530 W117 54.520
  3. Woolsey Creek Trail Y: N51 08.776 W117 55.124
  4. Woolsey Creek Cabin: N51 08.879 W117 55.232

Useful Maps:

Woolsey Creek Trail Overview Map PDF

Woolsey Creek Trail Detail Map PDF

Woolsey Creek Trail Old Map PDF 


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