Hamilton Creek Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Difficult, likely overgrown.

Distance: 2.2 km

Description: An old trail identified on some older maps that starts at the Trans Canada and heads part way up Hamilton Creek towards Mount Revelstoke. It may have been put in by Parks Canada but my guess is that it was put in to service the water pipe during the time Revelstoke got its city water from Hamilton Creek. At any rate, the trail is likely still evident but overgrown.

Directions: There are two possible options for the start of the trail. The original trailhead for the trail started directly adjacent to the Highway. Just past the Greenly turnoff 300 m, GPS ‘Trailhead 1’, is the trailhead indicated on the maps. The second option further down the road about 500 m past the Greeley Road turnoff turn left onto the Hamilton Creek Road. Follow the road as far as you can. This won’t likely be too far looking at Google Earth. Follow it until it intersects with the original tail at GPS ‘Trailhead 2’. The trail follows the east side of the creek.The GPS track I have should be fairly close. Let me know if you find it!

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. Hamilton Creek original Trailhead: N51 00.793 W118 05.383
  2. Hamilton Creek Road turnoff: N51 00.914 W118 05.136
  3. Hamilton Creek Road intersection with Trail: N51 01.248 W118 05.357

Useful Maps:

Hamilton Creek Trail Overview Map PDF

Hamilton Creek Trail Detail Map PDF

Hamilton Creek Trail Old Map DPF


1 thought on “Hamilton Creek Trail

  1. We were up Mt Revelstoke today and saw a sign for a trail we hadn’t seen before – the ‘Broken Bridge’ Trail. It’s 1km out to a broken bridge where the trail ends, it the information board at the trailhead mentioned that this was a renovated section of what used to be the ‘Hamilton Creek Trail’, which had been closed for 25 years.

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