Tangier River Trail

Rating: ? stars.

Use: Biking, Hiking.

Difficulty: Very Difficult.

Distance: 30 km.

Description: A very old mining road that once went the entire length of the Tangier River Valley from the Trans Canada Highway to Tangier Pass. It has probably been over 40 years since I have heard of anyone venturing up the old road. The good news these days is that you wouldn’t have to do the return trip. There is currently a drivable road that goes to the top end of Tangier Pass via Sorcerer Road. See the description for that trail on this site.

Take your bike, start at Tangier Pass and roll downhill back to the Trans Canada. What an Adventure!

Directions: Head east out of Revelstoke and turn onto the Tangier River FSR. Follow this for about ten kilometres. Here you will come to a dismantled bridge. Make your way across the Tangier River and pick up the old trail.

Trailhead GPS:

Useful Maps:

Tangier River Trail Overview Map

Tangier River Trail Detail Map

Tangier River Trail KML file on Dropbox

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