Swan Creek Trail (Fairy Meadow Hut Trail)

Rating: ? stars.

Use: Hiking.

Difficulty: Difficult.

Distance: Approximately 6 km.

Description: A hiking trail that climbs Swan Creek. In the past this trail was used to access the Fairy Meadow Hut in summer. Not a lot of information out there on the status of this trail, not to mention the road access. To the best of my knowledge the Columbia West FSR is finally back in operation after years of being washed out. All reports on the trail however are that it is extremely overgrown. Let me know if anyone has been up here recently.

Directions: Proceed west on the Trans Canada Highway. Drive past Rogers Pass to where the Beaver River enters the Columbia River. Look for the Columbia West FSR on the Left. If the Columbia West FSR is washed out, another option would be to proceed up the East side of the Columbia River and canoe across the Kinbasket just below the trailhead. 

Trailhead GPS: 

  1. Columbia West FSR: N51 30.345 W117 25.130
  2. Swan Creek Trailhead: N51 48.174 W117 49.839
  3. Fairy Meadow Hut: N51 45.941 W117 52.705

Useful Maps:

Fairy Meadow Hut BaseCamp PDF

Swan Creek Trail Trip Report 2004 PDF

7 thoughts on “Swan Creek Trail (Fairy Meadow Hut Trail)

  1. Was told by some Golden locals that the road up the lake has been fixed up and is in great shape. There was a forest fire up Swan Creek this summer though, so condition of that trail is unknown. Planned to do it this month but work situation has changed. Would like to get more info on this one… might be one of the best around.

    1. I went to Fairy Meadows hut for Aug long wkd via swan ck trail. There was active logging on Branch B, right at the trailhead. It’s low clearance 2WD up to about 40-45km but decent clearance is required beyound that due to rutting on the Columbia West mainline. Radio is highly recommended due to heavy logging activity from BCTS and LP. We brought machete and ribbon to freshen the trail. It is better now but I highly recommend to gather as much info as you can before going there. Bring maps + GPS and be well prepared. Three major avy runouts to cross in thick brush, major bear country, about 8-10km / 1000m vert. It took us 9hrs on the way in and we lost the trail for about 1 hr total. We did it in about 7hrs on the way back. In many sections it s more a route than a trail. If you can make it a 4 day trip this character building trail is definitely worth it ! Nice hut with beautiful granite to climb.

  2. Aug.24,2017
    Alpine Club of Canada NewsNet
    Fairy Meadow is tangle-free.
    “It was a two-year project involving dedicated volunteers and ACC staff, but the hiking trail to the Bill Putnam (Fairy Meadow) Hut in the Selkirk Mountains is once again clear and hike-able! B.C. bush is particularly tenacious below the hut, so we recommend you get in there this summer or next while the walking is easy and the granite is awesome!”

    1. Hi Ryan, I am looking at hiking into Fairy Meadows with my strong 12 and 14yr olds this summer. I see that it was cleared Aug 2017. Thank you! Any more recent updates than that? Thank you

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