Revelstoke Trail Alliance Meeting Minutes June 2, 2014

Revelstoke Trail Alliance Meeting June 2, 2014 Minutes

  1. Call to order

Call to order at 6:30 pm.

  1. Attendance

Ben Wilkey, Doug Sproul, Mike Gravelle, Angus McLean-Wilson, Scott Creighton, Fred Cox, David Roney, Neville Budgen, Keith McNab, Darek Glowacki, Heather Sproul, Mark Hartley, Lorraine Blancher, Colby Olsen, Meghan Tabor, Mike Fallaise, Sarah ?, Warren Daniluck, Robert Mohr, Kylene Engleby.

  1. Agenda Additions


  1. Review of Minutes from last meeting


  1. Summary

The first meeting was intended to be an informal gathering of people interested in a resurrection of the ‘Revelstoke Trail Alliance’ (RTA).

The meeting began with introductions. Each of those in attendance introduced themselves, gave brief reasons for coming to the meeting and shared their vision of what the RTA could look like in the future.

Attendees shared past experience with Revelstoke’s trails, trail maintenance, trail funding and trail development.

Many ideas were put forth in regards to what should be a starting point for the Society. It was decided that although the former RTA paperwork didn’t exactly fit the motivation and focus of those present, it would be easier to assume the RTA paperwork rather than create an entirely new Society. It was established that the RTA paperwork was currently in good standing. Society name, mandate and directors could all be changed to better suit the goals of the Society.

Despite the wide range of ideas that were brought forth, it was decided that it would be best to concentrate the focus of the Society. Specifically Foot Trails (i.e. Hiking and Trail Running). If we start small and have success with a single project, it would demonstrate documented success and provide a greater chance of securing funding in the future. Membership numbers were also discussed as an important factor in applying for funding. Possible sources of funding could come from the Revelstoke Hotel and Infastructure Grant, Columbia Basin Trust and MEC.

It was decided the main goal for the next meeting should be to establish a plan to restructure the current RTA paperwork. Essentially Society members should identify a name to better suit our purpose (i.e. Revelstoke Foot Trail Association), identify a new mandate (i.e. To identify, maintain, legitimize and support the development of new foot trails, under Section 58 of the BC Forest and Range Practices Act, surrounding Revelstoke for the sole purposes of foot travel) and elect a new board of directors. These changes will then have to be submitted to the government for approval. Those in attendance were asked to consider whether they would be interested in a director position.

Further discussion included possible work groups beginning this summer. This would include maintenance of existing high priority foot trails. This priority will be assessed with consultation from the new Revelstoke Recreation Sites and Trails Manager, Ian McLellan.

Possible secondary goal discussions for this summer included ‘legitimizing’ one or more of the existing trails that are not officially covered under Section 58 of the Forest and Range Practices Act. Several trails were discussed. Attendees were asked to bring their own top three list for trails that could be considered.

A date for the next Revelstoke Trails Alliance meeting was set for June 23 7:00 pm at the same location. Ministry of Forest and Range Revelstoke boardroom (1761 Big Eddy Road).

  1. Adjourned

Adjourned at approx. 8:00 pm.


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